Expat Life


Moving to Australia hasn’t been the most traumatic experience of my life. In fact I’ve lived in a few countries, and whilst that makes me anything but an expert, it did help prepare me for some of the changes that would take place. Post-move I’m finally feeling as if I am settled. However there were a couple of feelings…I’ve been feeling…that I did not foresee.

Two-Thirty PM. Yep. Its around 2:30pm every day that I realise how lonely it is living in Australia. All my friends are asleep, no way I can make a phone call or have a quick Skype date. And, sigh, I’m not terribly amazing at making friends. I work from home. I’m an introvert. I don’t belong to a gym or yoga studio. And I’m not terribly keen on joining a team sport. I was always more of a lone wolf growing up. I would spend hours drawing, exercising, designing, writing, creating, practicing an instrument, riding horses…..basically a lotta stuff that you do by yourself.

Once I got older, and for the past 6 years while living in DC, I found a way to combine my love of ‘solo activities’ with my friends. I would invite friends over 3-7 days a week. I would cook for them. While I cooked, and served cocktails they would sit back, relax, chat, drink, eat, and spend time with me. It was a perfect scenario for a very imperfect person like me.

Now here I am. Empty apartment. No one to cook for besides my husband. And while he is wonderful company, his rigorous school schedule keeps him on campus for most of Monday – Friday. So, it is just me. In the past I’ve had my LuLu -part German shepherd part Rottweiler- to keep me company. But I decided it would be less stressful for her to live with my parents until we return to the states. The apartments in Brisbane are not super dog friendly. Hopefully I can get her over here, but in the meantime she’s smiling away in Chicago, as happy as a clam.

I usually write posts when I’ve come to some sort of conclusion about the feelings I have. Or if I’ve come up with a solution to my problem(s). I’m not there quite yet. I will get there with time. Until then 2:30pm will serve as a moment of loneliness. A little sliver of time where I seem to disappear from this world. And with time, a moment that I will undoubtably fill with something more meaningful and fulfilling than loneliness can offer.

Much Luv, Laters


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  1. Amy Heller says:

    Happy to know you are adjusting and hanging in there 🙂

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    1. mrswigwam says:

      Hi Amy! Trying, I don’t have to tell you that when you change your surroundings you have to rethink ‘everyday life’. I hope your adjustment is going well too. Are you in France? I’ll message you in FB if I don’t hear back. Miss you lady 🙂


      1. Amy Heller says:

        No we are back in the US fixing up the house before renting it out. Until we do this we are in the US. Our goal is to be in Europe by the summer. We were in NZ until February and I transited thru Brisbane but only for 2 hours. We then went skiing in Italy, super nice. Next stop France- but only if LePen doesn’t win.

        Being in the US is weird- new prez, no job and no deadlines. Yes, big adjustments. AU is somewhat similar but surprisingly different. Other than the racism how are you doing? How did you get to be Mrs Wigwam?

        So it must be hard in AU since you can’t work. Every think of doing posting yoga lessons online for subscribers? I’d subscribe :).

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      2. mrswigwam says:

        Hi Amy,

        Actually I can work! I’m here on a spouse visa, and that gives me the right, for now, to work without any restrictions. I am working full time as the head of CRM for a company called The Haystack App. I miss teaching so much. I still have ‘teaching dreams’ where I am late for a class or going through a sequence with students. But for the time being I have to be the bread winner and unfortunately it takes too long to get established in an area and make enough money to support two people when teaching yoga. We are going to return state side once Yoav finishes school, and then I’ll def return to teaching and cooking! I can’t wait. I have however been itching to start teaching online and posting videos again….who knows 😉


  2. Linda says:

    I hope 2:30pm has stopped feeling so lonely 🙂


    1. mrswigwam says:

      Thank you Linda! Luckily between my newly added work hours and a lil project I’m working on right now I’ve managed to make 2:30 feel a lil less lonely. Its one of those things that ‘bothers’ me now but I know, before I realise it, I’ll have forgotten about this and managed to move on towards something else. I appreciate your kind words so much 🙂


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