Kali Bowl Pt. III


Kali Bowl Pt. III

Here is how we put this whole bowl together……

Ingredients Per Person:

~ 2-4 pieces of Sour Tofu

~ 1-2 cups Salat Nevo

~ 1-2 cups quinoa, cooked

~ 2 tablespoons tahini

~ Hot Sauce to taste (optional)


1) Scoop quinoa into the bottom of your bowl.

2) Arrange tofu on to of quinoa, and to one side.

3) Drizzle hot sauce, to taste, on top of tofu (optional).

4) Scoop out a healthy serving of Salat Nevo.

5) Dollop a lil bit of tahini in-between the Salat Nevo & Sour Tofu.

6) Serve fresh!

Much Luv, Laters


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