Vata Breakfast Bowl


Vata Breakfast Bowl

Serves 1


~1-2 cups coconut yogurt, plain

~1-2 Gluten Free Weet-Bix bars

~2-4 prunes, chopped

~4 dates, chopped

~1 banana chopped

~1-2 tablespoons Peanut butter-cacao spread

~Sprinkle of cinnamon


1) Place all ingredients into a medium sized bowl.

2) Mix everything together well.

3) Chew thoroughly while eating.

This is a great breakfast for colder months. It is ‘fall/winter’ here in Australia and this bowl was just right. I will mention that this is also quite heavy, and a great way to start your day if you have a lot of activity ahead of you or if you are in need of healing and replenishing your body ‘n’ mind. I based this recipe off of my love for Ayurveda. An ancient practice of life – incorporating all aspects of ‘what we do’ into its methods.

When you read up on Ayurveda you will notice -like all ancient practices- that some of the information is outdated, useless, or just downright wrong. So when diving into Ayurveda please be mindful, the eating principles taught in Ayurveda are WONDERFUL. Test them out to see how your body ‘n’ mind react to using food in a medicinal way. Also be mindful if you have had medical issues lately as I am not claiming this to be a fix all but rather instead a great compliment to what you may already be doing for yourself.

Try this ‘What’s your dosha baby’ quiz! It is fun and easy. If you find that this is something you are interested in pursuing deeper there is a wealth of information online, as well as in most libraries in the United States – I can’t speak for other countries as I haven’t searched for Ayurveda books there. I am Vata-Kapha. And depending on the season/stress level/job/living situation/etc. one of the two is slightly more dominant. At the moment I’ve been under a lil extra stress with being so sick, and my Vata dosha ┬áis in desperate need of some l.u.r.v.e..

How do I balance my Vata-Kapha self?

~Moving: Not to be confused with Exercise. I need to move. For me this means cooking, walking, errands, art, cleaning, moving meditation, gentle yoga, partner yoga, organising…anything that keeps my body in motion. Moving instead of exercise allows me to keep my body warm, keep my joints happy, without overdoing it. I used to exercise quite rigorously, almost every day of the week, right now I give my body more resting time and gentle movement to keep me happy.

~Food: I eat lots of light foods paired with healthy fats. The light foods compliment my Kapha dosha, while the heaps of healthy fats compliment my Vata dosha. I eat a very heavy veggie ‘n’ fruit packed diet. My husband always eats more grains than me. In fact about a year ago I used to live off of potatoes, rice, tortillas, or anything else starchy. Then my body started to change. That starchy goodness no longer did it for my body anymore. This has nothing to do with weight loss, instead it had to do with how I was ‘performing’. I swear I’m not a cyborg but I started to notice my arthritis was getting worse, my skin looked dry and flaky, my hair was falling out, and my chronic pain had gotten worse than ever before. I decided, “ok, this isn’t working. I need to find something that does.” Thus began months of trying and discovering until I arrived here. I eat protein, veggies and lots of healthy fat. I don’t really starch out as much anymore. *However* if my body ever wants to change again I’m more than happy to go back to that starch life I lived for so many year – I really hope that happens!

~Rise Early: My Kapha dosha makes me a lil sluggish. If I get myself up early and start working I am more likely to have a productive day. If I sleep in….well….googling is productive in its own way, right?

~Staying Warm: I cannot stress this enough! If you are Vata or Kapha or some combo of both like me, KEEP WARM. Cold is a sure fire way to make me shut down. My mood gets real low. My whole body starts to shake. I feel like I could just curl up and surrender myself to the elements. Now this all sounds dramatic, and traumatic…it is a lil of both. This is why I never let myself get cold. Warm socks ‘n’ sweats. Warm tea. Heat pad. Shower. Sauna. Whatever I have around me I use. I never leave the house on a cold day without proper clothes, and I am mindful to be bundled at night.

~Healthy Bowels: If you are squeamish skip this and go to the next section. Healthy bowels are important for overall well being. Especially if you are partially or fully Kapha dosha, and your digestive system is a lil sluggish. I am very mindful of my bathroom activity. If I’m not able to go or haven’t in a while I clean up my food and make sure I’m not partaking in too many heavy and sweet foods together. Also as a Kapha I have to be careful with my fluid intake. If I eat too much soup, liquids, drinks, etc., I find I’m just off balance. I get a lil swollen all over, and my joints feel like they are being cleaned with a Brillo pad constantly. If I hold off extra liquids, and keep my food light – relying on coconut water, and tea to hydrate me- my body shifts back into balance within 24 hours. This balance also shows in my bathroom activity. All good stuff to figure out about yourself.

~Regimented Meals: While that sounds aggressive I use ‘regimented’ to denote the regularity of my meals. I have three meals a day. Sometimes I snack on the weekends, most of the time I don’t. I find that spacing my meals out a lil helps my digestive system. If I’m still full from a previous meal, or I can still feel that last meal I don’t eat again until I feel like my take is almost empty and I’m ready for more fuel. This style of eating really requires you to listen to your body. And I am grateful for the fact that I work a tech job from home. This allows me the flexibility to meet my bodies needs whenever they are calling. If you find it difficult to ‘make your own schedule’ don’t sweat it. Do the best you can – that will make you happy. And when you are happy you feel like a rockstar.

~Get sleep: Nap. Go to bed early. Do whatever you have to do to get enough sleep. There are times of our lives where sleep doesn’t come easily. Starting a new job. Meeting someone new. Having a baby. Having children. Having grown adult children. So I understand that sleep isn’t just there for the taking for most people. Again, just do what you can. If you have the chance to lay down for 20 minutes or vacuum and you feel totally depleted then screw the vacuum -allow some extra grunge to build up- and give yourself those 20 minutes to rest.

~Meditate: Especially if the last one -sleep- isn’t happening this is very important. This is your super ninja powers. This is your shinning sunlight from your skin for days. This is your happy place all day every day. Meditation isn’t hard – and it isn’t easy. Look at it as something you will always be learning and never master. I find that meditation is the beginning of becoming aware. That awareness is you starting to notice what you do – giving you an opportunity to make change or be mindful in your reactions. It isn’t about a blank mind, or dreaming of giant fields of sunflowers. Instead it is just you and your thoughts getting better acquainted every time you connect via meditation. I bought my husband the Headspace App. Now he meditates every day at least once. He isn’t a trained yogi, he never dabbled in anything spiritual, he hasn’t been drawn to eastern traditions ever in his life. Now he is an advanced practitioner. He makes it a priority, and this practice has been a gift not only for him, but for our marriage as well.

On that note I’ll leave you to play around a bit! Check out this recipe, take a quiz, google some Ayurveda goodness, and start coming up with some activities that you can implement for more balance in your life. As always feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments either below in the comments section or privately in the Contact Me section. I hope you have a peaceful day.

Much Luv, Laters


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