Israeli Breakfast Bowl


Israeli Breakfast Bowl

Serves 1


~2-3 cups Salat Nevo, optional: use it the day after you make it

~1-2 cups yogurt, plain

~2 teaspoons fresh cilantro, chopped

~Freshly cracked black pepper


1) Ladle out several heaping spoonfuls of Salat Nevo into a bowl. If you use the salad the day after you make it you will find lots of yummy juice in the salad bowl. This juice combined with the veggies makes this feel more like a gazpacho than a salad, which is perfect for this dish!

2) Spoon out several heaping portions of yogurt on top of the salad. Sprinkle with cilantro and freshly cracked black pepper.

3) Serve fresh and enjoy on its own or with some crusty toasted bread…because who doesn’t love to use toasted bread* to soak up sauce?

*Note: If you are looking for gluten free option for ‘crusty bread’, we use this when we are in a pinch. Hopefully soon I’ll post some homemade gluten free bread options, in the meantime this works toasted in a pan with a lil spray oil.

Much Luv, Laters


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