My Favourite Daily Self Care Products


I received a couple of requests for my favourite self care products that I use daily or weekly. These are products that make me feel comfortable, literally, in my own skin. Since moving to Australia my skin/hair has become unusually dry. Australia has something known as ‘hard water’. Basically the water has a high mineral content. The weather here is humid and hot. It is ‘winter’ right now – even then the temperature is rarely lower than 60F.


When I first moved here my skin went insane. I broke out in bumps all over my chest, and arms. Its called keratosis pilaris. It looked like I constantly had goosebumps. This was coupled with constant itching sensation all over my butt, vagina, and thighs. I had bruises on these parts of my body from scratching them in my sleep. Then out of nowhere I developed horrible cystic acne. I have never experienced this before in my life. I even developed several sebaceous cysts on my face. After completely melting down – having totally changed everything in my life – I finally got to a place where I stopped sulking and started looking for ways to remedy my situation.


We moved to Australia November 2016. Now about 8 months later I finally am getting closer to finding my sweet spot. My skin is glowing again. I’ve found some great places to find amazing products. Life is getting a lil smoother.


Without further ado I’ll leave you here with the products I use to keep me healthy, happy, and balanced from both inside and outside:


Where do I shop locally?


~Perfect Potion West End


What supplements do I take?

~Rainbow Light Prenatal One

~Rainbow Light Everyday Calcium

~Spectrum Vegan Ultra Omega-3 EPA+DHA

~Nature’s Way Probiotic Daily

For all of these supplements I take them as directed on the bottle.

Any tea/herbs?


~Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify Tea

I drink this tea once a day, in the morning. I find its a great way to keep my skin hydrated and glowing. Especially since I tend to stay away from liquids. I prefer eating…so this is great to keep me drinking fluids and staying hydrated first thing in the morning.




~Dessert Essence face lotion & face wash & facial cleansing pads: I wash my face with the Thoroughly Clean face wash at least twice a day. Since I live in the middle of Brisbane, every time I go out to exercise my face is dirty. If my workouts don’t happen close to my shower time then I end up either using a Cleansing Pad or washing my face with the Thoroughly Clean face wash. Be careful when you use cleansing pad of any sort! They strip your skin of oil, and will actually make you more oily. I only use these when I know I’ll be showing soon, and I never use them around my eyes. The Desert Essence face lotion is great. Once a day I use it on my entire face and neck. However in the evening I skip the area around my eyes completely and use my Perfect Potion Eye Cream instead.

~Perfect Potion Eye Cream: I use this once or twice a day after I shower. I always use this before bed to make sure I don’t dry out overnight. This eye cream is awesome because it won’t clog your pores. I know sometimes eye cream or lotion gives me little red dots – they look like pimples but they don’t pop – around the corner of my eyes. This happens, usually, if you use a cream that is too heavy. Eye cream actually should be light – which is why eye gel can be a great alternative for anyone with very oily skin.

~Eucalyptus Oil: this is great to spot treat blemishes on your skin. I also use this occasionally to clean out my ears/belly button. This is very strong – and you want to use it sparingly.

~Face Masks: I have two face masks listed above the Mokosh brand & Biom’s bulk bentonite clay. I normally stick with clay or mud based masks. This is because they help me clear up imperfections and blackheads. However this year my skin is changing and I’m living with full on ageing but oily and pimple prone skin. Great right? So I’ve been using these masks, which are powder based, mixing them with about 1-2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, and a little water until I get a pudding or mud like consistency. I spread this on my face in a thin layer and allow it to dray completely. If you live in a very humid place aim for 15-20 minutes and sit by a fan if possible to help it dry. I follow this mask with a lot of moisturiser right away. This way my oil production doesn’t go into overdrive. I also like to do masks 2-4 times a month. Depending on how sensitive or dry my skin feels. I like doing this on Sunday’s when I have the time – but also when I eat a little more and my skin tends to be more oily as a result. Gotta find your balance eh?  If you find this mask is too strong add honey instead of apple cider vinegar. The ration is always 1:1 clay to vinegar/honey. Start with 1 tablespoon of each, and add warm water until you get the right consistency. If you have any left over spread it on your neck, chest, and upper back too! Moisturise afterwards! And if these tips don’t help let me know.

~Mango Kiss Lip Balm: Use as needed throughout the day. A little goes a long way.

~Jason Sunblock for face: I only use this when I am going outside – and for me personally I like the smell. I haven’t had any issues with this one breaking me out – but you have to test this for yourself to see. You can usually get this a lot cheaper by shopping online too – so look around a lil bit!

~Face Brush: I don’t think the brand is very relevant – however I bought mine for 14$ at Aldi. Yep. And it works great! I had horrible deep cystic acne after first moving here. Within 2 weeks of using this face brush my skin had cleared up completely. I use the brush that you see on the hand piece everyday. And I use the other heads once or twice a week each. Just pump a lil soap on this while you are in the shower, wash your face/neck/behind your ears for about 1-2 minutes, done! Be careful when using one of these that you don’t tear your hair out. Yep…Do Not Tear Your Hair Out. Make sure your hair is pulled back to it doesn’t get caught in the rotating head. Also -and this is just me being a lil over attentive- I rinse and dry this after using it each time to prevent mold or bacteria from growing. Just rinse under water, and pat dry with a hand towel. Done.


~I bought the Rosehip Serum for my face – but it wasn’t reacting well. I really loved the smell, and It did make my skin feel better so I thought…why not use this on my bikini area/Vagina? So I did. Whoa!! It was awesome. My skin feels great. I know some of you may be reading this and thinking – wait what?! Why would I put serum on my vagina? Well why do we put lotion/serum anywhere? To make the skin healthier and happier. Why can’t our Vagina’s be healthy and happy? Nuf said. Treat your vagina like the amazing part of your body that it is and it will give back to you.

~I love Tom Organic tampons and pads. I’ve been wanting to buy a diva cup however my partner and I are trying for our first baby, and I didn’t want to pay the 60$ it costs here in Australia. In the meantime these work great – and I highly recommend using them.




~Natures Commonscense Paw Paw Body Wash:Not too much to say about this other than it works great. I shave with this. I wash my body with this. And since I started using this I haven’t had any weird skin problems.

~Nubian Naturals body lotion: This stuff is the best. Hands down. The best body lotion I’ve ever used. I love love love the Coconut Papaya. That is the best. Lately I’ve been incorporating the Raw Shea Butter body lotion as well. The coconut/papaya lotion smells fruity and sweet – but not like you are in middle school and buying cheap fruity body sprays from the drug store. The Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion has a clean smell – my partner loves it too. Great for your breasts, belly, and butt when they get a little ashy.

~Thank You Hand Wash: We buy this brand because it is affordable (for us) and widely available. You can find this all over Brisbane. And it never dries me out. I use the bathroom a lot since I work from home, and my hands are never dry or scaly after using this 10+ times a day.

~Lavender Spray: You can find this all over Australia. Lavender spray is a great antiseptic. I use this on my feet before and after working out. Especially when your sneakers or shoes are a little funky spray this on your toes to keep bacteria from sneaking in under your nails. I also use this under my armpits during certain times of the month where my hormones make me a little funky. I actually don’t use deodorant. It took about 1 year, and swabbing my armpits with rubbing alcohol 2 times a day for all the funky smells to disappear. Now its been about 6 years since I used deodorant. I don’t smell bad, and just maintain by using this spray, and or rubbing my pits with rubbing alcohol or eucalyptus oil.



~Perfect Potion’s Hair Balm: This is just like a pomade. It will give your hair a lot of moisture – so you don’t have to use too much. I like using this before bed and is deep conditions my hair while I sleep.

~Sea Spray by Noosa Basics: This makes your hair look really really nice! I would recommend using this on wet hair. As your hair dries it will have the same texture that it does after swimming in the sea. But don’t fear this has wonderful oils to keep your hair from drying out. Give it a try – I bought mine through Biome.


I hope this answers any questions you guys sent my way! As always reach out to me if you have more questions.


Much Luv, Laters


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