Creamy Thanksgiving Style Spinach

Thanksgiving Creamy Spinach.JPG


I love Thanksgiving – for the food. I dislike the white people dressed up as Native Americans. I dislike the feeling that you get the next day from over indulging. But, I do love the ‘traditional’ food. It’s that heavy as it gets food. That Amurrica food. Ya…drooling a bit just writing this.


One of my favourite foods is the creamed spinach. Way back in the day there was a chain restaurant called Boston Market. Don’t judge me. As a kid I used to woof down their creamed spinach and cinnamon apples. I thought that stuff was the best. Since those days I’ve grown up a bit. Stopped eating out at fast food joints. Switched up my food choices a bit. And voila! I have arrived….here. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I still crave some of my old faves from time to time. Especially this time of year. So instead of just dreaming I take it upon myself to actually make a better version of what lil Hayley ¬†Ann used to eat. In the photo you can see creamed spinach, vegetable gravy, mashed Japanese purple potatoes, and my husbands take on meatloaf (made from beets, cannelloni beans, quinoa, and a couple veggies and seasoning).


Today we’ll be making the creamed spinach. And I have just a couple tips for you:

1) Use frozen, organic spinach if you want the consistency/taste you remember from your childhood. Now don’t get me wrong – I love me some fresh spinach. It has actually been a craving of mine lately. But this will just not do in this tribute dish. Don’t worry about all the enzymes that you ‘could be eating.’ Don’t worry about getting your greens in the ultimate, best, most awesome way. This is food for your soul – enjoy it.

2) Don’t turn your heat up high! Keep your stove on medium/low the whole time you cook this. If you crank up the heat to boil off that extra moisture you will be left with the fat separating at the top of your dish. Meh…not my favourite. You decide what you like. Low and slow will give you the best taste I promise.

3) This is a tribute…I repeat this is a tribute. If you want something that tastes like your childhood creamed spinach use some cashew sour cream, or a vegan yogurt to thicken this up. I made ‘Creamy Spinach’ to mimic the goodness but it is not going to taste the same. In the future I’ll post another recipe, with a flavour profile that matches the creamed spinach you all had as kids. This recipe was a last minute dinner party dish – and we didn’t have vegan yogurt or cashew sour cream laying around….so coconut cream did the trick.


Creamy Spinach

Serves 4+

~2-4 tablespoons olive oil

~1 medium Spanish onion, diced

~4 cloves garlic, minced

~1/8-1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

~1 can coconut cream

~500 grams frozen spinach



1) Place a medium sized non-stick pot or iron skillet* on the stove, turn the heat up to medium. Allow pot to warm up for 1-2 minutes.

2) Add olive oil, and allow to heat for another minute. Add onions, and sprinkle a light layer of sea salt over the onions. Stir everything together and continue to cook for another 15-30 minutes, or until onions are caramelised, stirring frequently to keep a uniform golden brown colour.

3) Once the onions are caramelised add the garlic, a pinch of sea salt, and the nutmeg. Stir everything together well, and cook for 30 seconds. Stir again and allow to cook for another minute.

4) Add the rest of the ingredients, and a hearty pinch of sea salt. Then allow the creamy spinach to come to a simmer. Cover the pot, tipping the top open slightly to allow for excess moisture to escape easier. Creamy spinach will need to simmer for another 15-30 minutes – depending on how thick ‘n’ creamy you want yours. Once the consistency looks good have a quick taste. If it tastes a lil bland add some more sea salt until the flavour pops. Serve hot with your favourite fall time favourites.


*Note: Make sure the Iron Skillet or Non Stick Pot have a top!


Much Luv, Laters



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