Chicago River Pickle Brine



I love the salty taste of pickles – but my pregnant acid reflux does not. Now you don’t have to be pregnant to get acid reflux. So I know I’m not the only one dealing with a pickle problem. However I’ve found a lovely bine that tames the burn. I used my knowledge of Ayurveda to find a spice/herb combination that would be soothing to my digestive system but still give me some delicious pickles that didn’t taste medicinal.


So far my favourite vegetable combos to use with the brine are as follows:

~Cucumber + Sweet Onions

~Sweet Onion + Hot Peppers (optional) + Sweet Corn + Capsicum

You simply chop up and clean off these veggies, and place them inside a clean glass jar that has a screw top. Be sure the jar & top are very clean. Allow the veggies/fruits to stay raw. Rarely do you need to poach the veggies/fruits in advance as the boiling hot brine & time will break these veggies down enough.

I usually pour the boiling hot brine on top of the raw veggies/fruits almost to the top of the jar, immediately screw on the top (it should pop eventually from the heat creating a vacuum inside of there!), and let them sit on the counter top for 24-72 hours. The softer the veggies/fruits OR the smaller you cut the veggies/fruits the less time they need to marinade.


Chicago River Brine

fills about 3, 16oz jars of pickles



~2 cups white vinegar or apple cider vinegar

~4 tablespoons sea salt that hasn’t been granulated yet

~4 teaspoons organic granulated stevia or sweetener of choice*

~2 tablespoon peppercorns

~4 teaspoons ground, toasted coriander seeds

~2 teaspoon turmeric or dijon mustard

~3 cups water

Note* If you are a big time sweet tooth kind of person double the sweetener for this recipe. I wanted a batch that was a lil more on the savoury side and this amount seemed to do the trick for that. But sweet pickles are awesome too – so just double your sweetener and you are set!



1) Place all your ingredients in a medium sized pot. Use a wire whisk to mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

2) Bring to a rolling boil on medium/high heat, whisking constantly to keep the brine from burning.

3) Turn off the heat and pour your brine over the raw vegetables waiting inside glass jars. Once the vegetables are covered to the top by brine seal jars with top. Set to the side and allow to cool on your counter for about 30 minutes. Once cool place in your fridge to finish marinading there.

4) Allow pickles to marinade for 24-72 hours before eating. Once you open a jar of these pickles, and you hear the pop sound you have about 2 weeks to finish them.


As always reach out to me via the CONTACT tab at the top of this page. If you want to follow my food adventures simply scroll down and click on the Instagram icon.


Much Luv, Laters


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