Sunshine ‘n’ Clouds


Sunshine ‘n’ Clouds

Serves 1



~50 ml blended scotch whiskey

~10 ml stevia*

~20 ml lemon juice

~20 ml aquafaba + small spoon sweetener of choice

~Carbonated water

*the stevia will give this the frothy consistency you are looking for – especially when paired with the aquafaba. Normally people use about 25ml of egg whites for a recipe like this – but you can cut those out and use this alternative if you like! I use aquafaba from organic, good quality chickpeas to ensure the aquafaba is more neutral in taste.



1) Add whiskey, stevia, lemon juice, and aquafaba to a blender. Blend on high until frothy and white.

2) Pour over ice into a tall glass and top off with a lil carbonated water & a twist of lemon.

3) Serve fresh and enjoy.


Much Luv, Laters


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