Move along sir…

It feels like forever since I’ve written. I hit a couple of bumps in the road and unfortunately have found myself dealing with a particularly childlike adult for the past couple of weeks. I recently stepped away from a commitment for health reasons – my prenatal care has been moved from my GP to the hospital team that will help me deliver towards the end of my pregnancy. And I have what feels like a million tests that I’m waiting on the results for. Yesterday alone I had 2 doctors appointments spanning over 5 hours….and I have so many more ahead of me.


Part of me stepping away from this commitment I had was returning items I used to someone. My partner, who is a rockstar, has been trying to help me out by taking care of dropping of this stuff off while I sort through all this health stuff. Unfortunately the person we are trying to return these things to is very dramatic. They keep throwing hurdles in my way. Not paying me on time for work I’ve already completed. And generally acting like a child. To give you an example, my partner was finally able to get this person to agree to a couple of days we could finally return said items, and when he wrote to this person about an exact time/day they wrote back essentially asking if my partner was trying to start some beef with them or just return the items….yes…an actual adult trying to start drama like a kid. Sigh. Thankfully once this stuff gets returned we can leave this person and their drama in the past and focus on my health fully.


I’m extremely lucky to have such an awesome partner who can help me navigate this recent health scare. I think this would all be very overwhelming without his support. However I am completely confident that the team we are working with through Mater Hospital & another clinic will be able to get us the care we need. Not to mention I have some rockstar friends who have also been there when I’ve needed to cry, or stay calm, or be happy…..simply meeting me where I am at. I am trying to stay as calm and happy as possible until we have a more definite treatment plan lined up as right now we are waiting on so many test results. Lucky for me I am a very positive and happy person and I know what I can do to keep myself in a good zone.


I’m sure I’ll be back here with recipes in no time but for the moment I need to focus my energy on my health. See you all soon!


Much Luv, Laters


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