Simple Banana Quickbreads


I had to show a cross section of the inside of these lil delicious banana quick breads. Something that a lotta people have mentioned to me is, “my gluten free/vegan/healthy baked goods are gooey on the inside.” There are a couple reasons this can happen to you:

~Too much oil

~Wrong combination of flours

~Too much ‘egg substitute’

~Undercooked at too high a temperature

~Not enough leavening


In this post I’ll give you my basic quick bread recipe. I made them in a muffin tin….so naturally you might call them muffins. However they are slightly different than the traditional muffin so…as not to cause an uproar I’ll go with quick bread…even though I might call them muffins at home. Any who, check out the ingredients list where I’ll link specific products I use, and the directions where I’ll throw in a couple tips that I noticed while whipping these up. This recipe makes a weekly appearance in my kitchen because they are so easy & easy to modify. Want protein? Add protein powder and use a lil less flour. Want a treat? Fold in some chocolate chips. Not sure what you want? Try the recipe as is and tweak it next time. These are a great source of healthy carbohydrates that I normally pair with peanut butter for a lil extra protein. You could also use these as a healthy mid morning snack or pre-workout fuel.


Banana Quick Breads

Serves 2-4



~3 1/2 small, very very ripe bananas mashed or blended

~1/2 cup dates chopped

~1/4 cup raisins

~1 1/4 cups gluten free oats

~2 teaspoons vanilla extract

~1 tablespoon baking powder

~1/2 teaspoon sea salt*

~2 cups + self rising gluten free flour

~Spray oil for muffin tin

*Note: Make sure your gluten free self rising flour blend doesn’t have a decent amount of salt in it already. If it does simply omit the sea salt in this recipe. Otherwise be sure to add a lil sea salt so you get some nice flavor!



1) Preheat oven to 350F or 175C using convection or fan setting if it is available on your oven.

2) In a large glass bowl mash all the bananas or simply puree/blend them until all the lumps have disappeared. Add this to the large glass bowl.

3) Add dates, raisins, oats, vanilla, sea salt, and baking powder to your mixing bowl. Mix everything together well using a gentle stirring motion – try not to whip the ingredients.

4) Add 2 cups of the gluten free self rising flour to the glass bowl. Mix until fully incorporated. You want the texture of the batter to be very thick. To test if your batter is thick enough take a spoon, spoon up some batter, and turn the spoon upside down. The batter should slowly plop off the spoon and some of it will stick to it. The consistency will mimic that of a thick rice pudding.

5) Grab a muffin tin and grease the muffin tin with spray oil suitable for high heat – I usually use spray coconut oil. Use the 1/8th cup measure and measure out 12 portions of the batter into the different muffin wells. Anything left over can be divided up evenly between the wells.

6) Bake for 25-35 minutes or until the tops are golden brown on top. Those of you using convection ovens will find that 25 will be closer to the time yours finish those of you without convection/fan might need the full 35 minutes. Try not to increase the heat in favor of cooking these faster – it’ll just leave you with a mushy center and an overcooked outside.

7) When you remove the quick breads from the oven you should be able to press your finger in the middle of each one and it will feel springy. If you finger sinks down that means the middle isn’t quite cooked yet. This means they need longer in the oven. If the outside of the muffins are already golden brown and you don’t want them to burn cover them loosely with foil and continue baking them for another 5-10 minutes. If this still doesn’t help you may have too much moisture in your muffins – next time use a little more of the gluten free self rising flour and your problem should be solved!

8) Allow these to cool for 5-15 minutes before serving. If you want a glossy sheen to the top of your muffins simply spray them with a lil of your spray oil or spread a lil buttery spread on the top of them. Add peanut butter as a condiment to increase your protein and you are all set!


As always feel free to reach out to me via the CONTACT tab above or by scrolling all the way down and clicking on the Instagram icon to follow me there. Send me any questions or requests you may have and I’ll do my best help you out. I hope you had a great weekend!


Much Luv, Laters



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